How is Alimony Calculated?

Are you currently going through a divorce? Are you curious as to how alimony is calculated in divorce cases here in Queens? Are you wondering whether you will have to pay spousal support to your husband or wife, or if are you eligible to receive alimony? If you have questions about spousal support or want to find out how alimony is calculated so you know what to expect in your divorce, we advise you contact our law offices to discuss your case with an experienced, aggressive Queens divorce lawyer at your earliest convenience.

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Alimony is often one of the most volatile topics of discussion during divorce proceedings. Neither party wants to find themselves in a position where they are unable to fulfill their financial obligations or maintain a decent standard of living, so both parties will often do whatever they can to tip the odds in their own favor. In the same way that there is an exact formula that courts can use when awarding child support in a divorce, there is no exact formula courts use when calculating and awarding alimony.

Factors which can affect how alimony will be calculated in your divorce are:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The age and health of each spouse
  • The income of each spouse
  • Each spouse's education level
  • Each spouse' earning capacity
  • Expenses involved in raising children from the marriage
  • Which spouse will retain what property
  • Standard of living during the course of the marriage

Both the husband's and wife's expenses, income and other items will be considered before ultimately determining the alimony amount. Hiring a affordable, aggressive divorce lawyer from our firm to represent you during divorce proceedings will give you a much greater chance of being able to argue your case so that you are able to attain the fair and just alimony settlement you seek.

At our firm, the priority is our clients and that can be seen in the hundreds of divorce cases we successfully represent each year. If you have questions about alimony or are worried about receiving a favorable arrangement, contact a Queens divorce lawyer at our law offices today or fill out a free case evaluation form online.

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