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Are you facing a family law concern? If so, it is important that you immediately contact a trusted representative at the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C. We are proud to offer dedicated family law representation to individuals and families who are seeking an amicable resolution of their legal issues. Unlike other firms, we are a family law firm that successfully settles over 400 divorce cases each year.

Our founding attorney, Mr. Donald Mastrodomenico, has over 100 years of combined years of experience in handling family law cases in Queens, NY and all of our attorneys have strong legal backgrounds. If you find yourself facing a complicated and emotional time in your life, look no further than our firm.

A trusted Queens family law attorney from our team can assist you in the following areas of practice:

The state of New York recognizes some marriages as null and void if you obtain an annulment. There are specific factors that are required to be proven prior to obtaining an annulment, and if you are considering annulling your divorce, you need to speak with an attorney.

Child Custody
One of the biggest concerns for divorcing spouses is the issue concerning child custody. This disagreement is often referred to as a custody "battle" and it is important that you approach this battle with an experienced representative. Our firm can help fight for your child's best interests.

Child Support
Child support laws can be difficult to understand. At our firm, we can assist you quickly and efficiently in settling your child support case. Whether you are looking to obtain support or make a modification to an existing support order, our firm can help.

Contested Divorce
If one spouse disagrees with a portion of the divorce proceedings or the entire proceeding itself the couple will enter into what is known as a contested divorce. These divorces require experienced representation in order to be successfully completed.

Any time a couple decides to separate through a legal divorce they may be facing a stressful time in their lives. Even amicable divorces can reach a sudden disagreement. If you are looking to get a divorce or you have been served divorce papers, contact our team right away.

Domestic Violence
Victims of domestic violence and those who have been accused of domestic violence can turn to the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C. We fully represent individuals on both sides of the law and can ensure that you receive a favorable resolution for your case.

Do you need a modification of an existing divorce decree? If so, working with our firm may be right for you. Divorce decrees are final, but an attorney can help you make modifications. Contact our firm to learn more.

Prenuptial Agreements
Before you walk down the aisle, it is recommended that you talk to a lawyer about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. Obtaining an agreement can protect you, your family and your soon-to-be spouse from future unforeseen legal complications.

Postnuptial Agreements
A postnuptial agreement serves a similar purpose as a prenuptial agreement. If you were unable to obtain a prenuptial agreement, contact an attorney from our firm to learn about postnuptial documents and how they can benefit you.

Property Division
The division of property and assets is often a roadblock for divorcing couples. When a judge determines how the property will be divided, they look into the length of the marriage and existing pre- or postnuptial agreements, among other factors. If you are seeking assistance, contact our firm right away.

Separation Agreements
If divorce is not an option for you right now, a legal separation agreement may be the answer. New York recognizes these documents as a contract between two parties that agree to remain married but live separately. To determine if this is right for you, contact our firm.

Spousal Support
Spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, is temporary financial maintenance that one spouse will pay to another. The amount and length of time for payments is often determined through mediation or by a family law judge.

Uncontested Divorce
These types of cases involve a scenario where both parties can agree on the majority of the terms in their divorce. When neither party is disagreeing to the divorce, an uncontested divorce will be entered. It is still important that an attorney presides over the case in order to obtain optimum results.

Visitation Rights
After a child custody agreement has been established, non-custodial parents will be given a visitation schedule. As a parent, you have the right to have access to your child, and if the custodial parent is denying your visitation rights, an attorney may be able to help.

Should I Tell my Divorce Lawyer Everything?

For the best interests of your case, it is advised to disclose all relevant information, even if you feel something is irrelevant. While disclosing everything personal is not advised or necessary, anything associated with your case should be transparent. For better case results, try the following:

  • Provide a written history of your marriage. This provides a guideline for your attorney and highlights the critical events that took place during the marriage. Try organizing it chronologically, as it may become easier to explain that way. Don't forget to add any properties or assets that both of you accumulated together, as those will be accounted for during property division.
  • Be transparent as possible, if you are experiencing abuse or have hidden assets, these are important things to address.
  • Be ready to talk about issues such as child custody, spousal support, and any other expectations for yourself and your attorney.

What Should I Look For in a Divorce Lawyer?

When you are faced with the task of locating a trusted and experienced divorce lawyer in New York, try looking for these traits:

  • Communication - does the attorney speak and write well? Is it easy to present your case and receive constructive feedback?
  • Experience - our family law attorney is not just experienced, he is trial-tested and has the skill needed to tailor a case to meet very specific goals.
  • Availability - It's important to be able to reach your lawyer without much hassle. We pride ourselves in maintaining contact with our clients regularly.
  • Resources - Does your attorney have the support and resources needed to win your case? At the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C., our team is ready to assist you in the event of emergencies.

We will be there when you CAN'T make it work!

At the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C., we understand that, once a divorce has been decided upon, it is usually because you have exhausted all other outlets. Our firm will be there when you just cannot make it work anymore. Each case is different and our team will fully evaluate your situation and help create a personalized legal strategy in order for you to obtain the best possible results.

We want to ensure that the money stays in your pocket and that your case meets a speedy resolution. If you are confronted with any family law concern, do not hesitate to speak with the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C. right away. We speak Spanish and Arabic!

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    We do not have hourly rates and clients are not billed for phone calls. We follow a flat fee structure for both contested and uncontested divorces.

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    There is no other law firm that gets you divorced faster than us. For uncontested divorces, the documents are prepared and waiting for you before you walk in the door.

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    No other firm in the greater New York City area has handled more divorces than our firm with over 100 years of combined experience.

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    Not our pocketbook or ego. With our firm, you get caring, professional, and competent legal representation.

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    We have weekly office meetings to review noteworthy legal decisions and implement such strategies into our own cases.

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    We are firmly committed to attending continuing legal education programs and find ourselves at the speakers' podium long after all other lawyers have left for the evening.

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    With over 100 years of combined experience, while handling 700 cases per year (400 divorce cases and 300 family court cases), we have a spotless record with the New York State Bar!

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