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Restraining Orders

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Domestic violence is a growing problem in this country which involves acts of violence committed against spouses and other household members. Restraining orders are legal measures that can be put into place to protect victims of domestic violence. If you need legal help as either a victim or as the criminally accused in a domestic violence situation in Queens, our firm is here to help.

At the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C. we have more than three decades of experience in exclusively handling family law issues in the local courts. Because of our longstanding history of sound legal work in this field, we are well-respected by local judges.

Orders of Protection

Restraining orders are known as "orders of protection" which are issued by courts to stop any harm or threat of harm that occurs in a domestic setting. The domestic relationships which are subject to restraining orders are those between spouses, former spouses, the unmarried parents of a child, or any family members related by blood or marriage. They also apply to those who have or have had an intimate relationship which could include dating partners.

An order of protection can be issued by a Family Court, a criminal court, or a Supreme Court. When a Family Court issues such an order, it is done as part of a civil proceeding. The order of protection will order the alleged abuser to stop his or her violence, harassment, stalking, intimidation, or threats against the victim and any children named in the order.

Such an order can prohibit the abuser from staying a specified distance away from the victim and children, can direct the abuser to be removed from his or her home where the family resides, can order the abuser to adhere to child custody orders, pay child support, and be prohibited from possessing a gun. Those who violate restraining orders may face serious legal action by the courts.

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Whether you are the victim or the alleged abuser in a domestic violence case, our firm can provide seasoned legal help with all issues pertaining to restraining orders. We combine exceptional legal knowledge and skill with outstanding client service at affordable rates.

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