It is not uncommon to have questions about your future when you are confronted with a divorce or family law concern. At the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C., we are prepared to assist our clients in obtaining the best possible outcomes for their cases. We implement our experience, knowledge, and compassionate customer service to ensure that each individual is fully represented. In this section, you can read through some of the most commonly asked questions regarding divorce and family law. Of course, if you still are seeking answers, do not hesitate to contact a Queens divorce lawyer from our team as soon as possible.

Working with a Queens Divorce Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C., we are prepared to fully assist our clients in obtaining the best possible resolution to their family law and divorce cases. With the representation of our firm, you can be assured that your best interests are being protected and that your case is being diligently represented. We are proud to offer years of experience in handling thousands of divorce cases and we may be able to help you as well.

If you have a divorce case or family law concern, contact a Queens divorce attorney from the Law Offices of Donald Mastrodomenico, P.C. right away for your free consultation.


  • FAQ

    • Do I need an attorney?
      Absolutely! Many people have a misconception about divorce cases and consider that they can file alone. It is never recommended that any person attempt to navigate the difficult New York laws without a professional by their side. An attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.
    • Will I have to go to court?
      When you work with an attorney, we will assist you in settling as much as possible outside of court. In most cases, uncontested divorces do not need to go to trial; however, if the divorce is contested, you may need to have a formal court hearing. If a hearing is required, an attorney can represent your best interests.
    • Will I receive spousal support?
      To Determine spousal support, a judge will look at various factors, including the length of the marriage, each party's employment status and eligibility for employment, and the potential for hardship if no support is received. An experienced divorce lawyer can fight for the best possible outcome for your spousal support case.
    • Who will get custody of our children?
      In child custody cases, a judge will look in to a few factors to determine which parent receives custody. There are several different options for visitation, custody, and child support, and an attorney can help you determine the best resolution for your family's situation.
    • My spouse wants a divorce. What can I do?
      If your spouse has served you with divorce papers, you have some options. First, if you wish to fight the divorce, you can work with an attorney to contest the case. These cases are known as contested divorces. If you agree with the separation, you and your spouse can work toward an uncontested divorce proceeding.
    • What are the grounds for divorce in New York?
      There are seven different grounds for filing a divorce in New York. They include cruel treatment, abandonment, adultery, imprisonment, judgment of separation, separation agreements and irretrievable breakdown of the relationship.
    • How long will a divorce take?
      Each case is different, but most divorces are finalized within six months to a year after the initial filing. Factors that could change the rate of completion include children shared between the spouses, property division, and whether or not the divorce was contested.