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What are the Deciding Factors when Discussing Custody of a Child in a Divorce?

One of the biggest concerns for any parent going through a divorce is who will be awarded custody of the children from the marriage. If you are parent who is planning on filing for divorce, you are probably wondering about the factors that will be used to determine whether you or your spouse will be allowed to retain custody of your child. Courts here in Queens, as well as throughout the state of New York, always base their child custody decisions on what is in the best interests of the child. Parents are also well-advised to use this basis when discussing and negotiating child custody arrangements as part of their final divorce settlement. There are various custody options which include legal, physical, joint, and sole custody. 

Other factors which can be taken into consideration when determining custody of a child in a divorce, include:

  • Each parents' income
  • Whether or not they have a stable job
  • What their living situation is
  • Their age
  • If there are any medical concerns
  • Depending on the child's age, what he or she wants to do

Attempting to negotiate the terms of a child custody agreement without first seeking counsel from an experienced divorce attorney is not advised. When you hire a divorce attorney from our firm, you will have a zealous advocate committed to protect your parental and custodial rights. We always handle child custody cases according to what is in the child's best interests, but we also work hard to help both the mothers and fathers come up with a custody agreement that will help them remain an active part of their child's life. When you work with our firm, it does not matter whether you need representation during negotiations, custody hearing or in court, we will be by your side every step of the way.

Our firm has been dedicated to family law and divorce for over 35 years. We successfully file hundreds of divorce cases every single year and are proud to say that we have a spotless record with the New York State Bar Association. We offer fast, low cost services that are truly affordable, allowing you to move forward quickly with your life.

If you need help with child custody in a divorce, call our law offices and schedule to meet with aggressive Queens divorce attorney, Donald Mastrodomenico, right away.