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Adoption: How It Works

Are you considering adoption? For any adoption—whether you are planning to adopt a stepchild or a child from another country—there are a few basic steps you must always follow. Understanding the adoption process can help you prepare for various elements of the matter and ensure that you are ready to face any complications that may arise. To adopt a child, you must take the following steps:

Secure the consent of the child's birth parents.
Before you can legally adopt a child, you must first secure the consent of the child's birth parents. Even if the parents seem willing to adopt, you cannot take their approval for granted until they have legally consented to the adoption. In cases of family adoptions, it may be necessary to undergo a court process to determine that a parent is incapable of providing for their family before you can even begin the adoption process.

Undergo a home study.
In addition to getting the parents' approval for adoption, you must also seek approval from the court. In order to do this, you must undergo a home study, which serves both as an investigation of your parenting capability and an opportunity to learn about the adoption process. Your finances, marriage, and numerous other facets of life will play a role in determining the result of your home study.

Complete the petition process.
When you are ready to adopt, you can file a petition for adoption. This will contain a description of all parties involved and explain why the adoption is necessary/valid. The hearing will be decided in the child's best interest, and will settle all related matters related to the adoption.

Why hire a family lawyer?

The various types of adoption pose problems that may be difficult to resolve without professional legal guidance. For example, in a private adoption, an attorney can help you formalize all proceedings and ensure that the process is legally valid. Additionally, in cases where you might be adopting a stepchild, grandchild, or other relative, you may require legal assistance as you fight for rights to the child. A skilled lawyer may be the valuable asset you need as you begin this new phase in your life.

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